A home funeral care video

cropped-ptoh-header.jpgHome Funerals can be a final act of caring for your loved ones. Passing Through Our Hands: Home Funeral Care Guide is a documentary style video showing how families can care for their own loved ones when they die at home.

In our culture we have little opportunity to see or learn how to care for a body, and this video gives step-by-step instructions on how to do that in a simple and loving way.

People are choosing home funerals as an alternative to traditional funerals for a variety of reasons: to have more control over the process, so they can be meaningfully involved with caring for their own after death. Also, the costs of family funerals can be in the hundreds of dollars instead of the thousands that an average institutional funeral can cost.

A home funeral is a dignified and loving alternative to modern funeral homes. They allow the family to participate as much or as little as they want, making use of some funeral home services if they choose.

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We make our video available free of charge at this site: Passing Through Our Hands. If you are viewing this video, we acknowledge and honor you for stepping into the journey of Home Funerals and caring for your own after death. Additional Written Instructions accompany the video.

Additional Information

For more information about home funerals, please visit the non-profit organization: National Home Funeral Alliance.

For more information please visit www.donnabelk.com or call Donna Belk at 512-922-8043.