HFworkshop_Lakeway-400pxSandy Booth and Donna Belk created this video in 2008 to provide how-to information to the many people who asked how to have a home funeral. The process of creating the video was thoroughly enjoyable and we worked with a wonderful videographer, Jack Lee, who now resides in Los Angeles, CA. He usually filmed weddings so this was very different for him. And, of course, we had the loving handsĀ of the many caring people shown in the film who provided

A DVD of theĀ video was sold for $15 for several years. In 2015, it was decided to move the video to a digital format so more people would have access to it. And it was made free to the public for educational viewing purposes.

Our hope is that you find the video instructional and that it provides you with enough information to go forward with more research, or to go forward in holding a home funeral for someone you care about.

Photo above right: Sandy Booth and Donna Belk continue to lead hands-on workshops, Lakeway, Texas, November 2015. Please contact Donna Belk if you would like to schedule one for your organization or in your area.